Anna Rose

Where Have I Been?

Yes, I could come up with some story of alien abduction, a long coma, vacation or something along those lines, but they wouldn’t be the truth. My sad truth is that I have been so focused on writing that the blog has been neglected. I had tried to establish a blog on Google’s free blogging […]

Best Laid Plans (and all that)…

I had this wonderful idea that I was going to be writing up a storm over the past week and the long Labor Day weekend that just passed, but the heat here in Southern California has become downright oppressive. So much so that we actually turned on the air conditioning for the actual long weekend. […]

Look! Siofra and Nathaniel!

Siofra’s expression is haunting.              Nathaniel…looks a bit hungry. I know that I have described Nathaniel in a previous post as having mirth and laughter in his expression, but keep in mind that vampires, just like human beings, don’t always have good days. The picture above reflects a Nathaniel in the depths of despair. Whether that despair […]

What Do My Characters Look Like?

I’m sure this has happened to most, if not all of you: You’re reading a book, and you see the author’s description of a character, and you find yourself wondering exactly how the author perceives the character to appear. I do the same thing. I’d like to think it’s not just my author’s brain trying […]

“Droch Fola” Sneak Peek – Page Seven

Here’s a look at page seven of “Droch Fola”, my current work in progress. I hope you enjoy reading it! I look forward to your feedback. —– The games we’d played over the centuries: anything from games that lasted a half hour, to some that lasted more than fifty years. I wondered what had happened […]

Nathaniel-based Short Story Coming Soon!

Writing a Nathaniel-centered story. It should be out within the next couple weeks, I look forward to your feedback!

Welcome to “The Sumaire Web”

Hello there. I’m Anna Rose, the author of “The Sumaire Web” series of vampire-related novels. This series came about as a response to the glut of vampire romances out there. After seeing legions of self-hating vampires looking for salvation or the human who can save them from their “terrible curse”, I knew it was time […]