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“Droch Fola” Sneak Peek – Page Seven

Here’s a look at page seven of “Droch Fola”, my current work in progress. I hope you enjoy reading it! I look forward to your feedback. —– The games we’d played over the centuries: anything from games that lasted a half hour, to some that lasted more than fifty years. I wondered what had happened […]

Nathaniel-based Short Story Coming Soon!

Writing a Nathaniel-centered story. It should be out within the next couple weeks, I look forward to your feedback!

Welcome to “The Sumaire Web”

Hello there. I’m Anna Rose, the author of “The Sumaire Web” series of vampire-related novels. This series came about as a response to the glut of vampire romances out there. After seeing legions of self-hating vampires looking for salvation or the human who can save them from their “terrible curse”, I knew it was time […]