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Where Have I Been?

Yes, I could come up with some story of alien abduction, a long coma, vacation or something along those lines, but they wouldn’t be the truth.

My sad truth is that I have been so focused on writing that the blog has been neglected.

I had tried to establish a blog on Google’s free blogging site, but their heavy-handed insistence that I use a different browser than Internet Explorer just raised my own level of stubborn and I mentally shut down on the idea of a blog.

Today, I decided that I wasn’t going to let that bullshit get to me and I pulled up my trusty old WordPress blog, and now…here we are.

I’ve been going over the fourth novel in the Sumaire Web series involving Siofra and Nathaniel, and am not happy where things have gone with it. Thus, I am gutting the thing and am essentially returning to the beginning of “Cosán Fola” again. Some parts may remain, a lot of it will hit the virtual dirt, and something new and better will rise from the electronic ashes that are left behind.

Such is the life of a writer. We think we’ve got things in hand and where we want them, and then the Muse sticks her fat thumb in the pie and I have to go and bake a new one.

I’ll try to do a better job of keeping you posted on what’s new in my life.

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Best Laid Plans (and all that)…

I had this wonderful idea that I was going to be writing up a storm over the past week and the long Labor Day weekend that just passed, but the heat here in Southern California has become downright oppressive. So much so that we actually turned on the air conditioning for the actual long weekend.

We never do that, by the way, as it’s ridiculously expensive to run the thing.

Today, the AC is off and I’ve been working on some book-related stuff and trying to get back into the swing of things. I know I have to get back to writing if I want this to be finished anytime soon, and make my readers much happier closer to the conclusion of things.

I’d originally planned this as a trilogy, and then it seemed to look like things were going to turn into a four book series. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending upon one’s outlook), it appears as though things are back to a three book format. I know that it would be fun to have something longer (for the reader), but there are so many other stories to tell, and there is no reason to drag things out any further than is absolutely necessary.

Siofra and Nathaniel, individually and together, will have more of their stories told, as well as my introducing new characters who are part of the series as a whole, but who don’t necessarily play with Siofra in a direct manner.

Please note that I have added a link to my Amazon Author page with links to all of my available books and short stories to this date. I hope you enjoy them all!

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Look! Siofra and Nathaniel!

siofra base image reversed halftone crop avatar cropped morenathaniel test brown eyes blue halftone swapped labeled

Siofra’s expression is haunting.              Nathaniel…looks a bit hungry.

I know that I have described Nathaniel in a previous post as having mirth and laughter in his expression, but keep in mind that vampires, just like human beings, don’t always have good days. The picture above reflects a Nathaniel in the depths of despair.

Whether that despair comes from sadness or hunger is up to you.

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What Do My Characters Look Like?

I’m sure this has happened to most, if not all of you:

You’re reading a book, and you see the author’s description of a character, and you find yourself wondering exactly how the author perceives the character to appear. I do the same thing. I’d like to think it’s not just my author’s brain trying to find reasons for and compartmentalizing things, but who knows, that may be the case.

I know what my characters look like. I have a very definite picture of them in my mind’s eye. It’s important to do that, so that at some point in the future, eyes and hair don’t change color.

That would be more than a little embarrassing, you know?

Siofra, my main character is 5’2″, has deep green eyes, long dark red hair down to her butt, although she is able to cut it short when need be. A drink of fresh blood and zip! it’s back to its original length. Her skin is as pale as one of those antique Victorian-style china dolls, too, and just as flawless. She’s a tiny slip of a thing to look at, which is part of her allure.

Nathaniel, well our Nathaniel is interesting. He’s just under 6’2″ in height, has dark brown hair with the occasional flash of red in it, blue-gray eyes, pale skin (what is it with these pale vampires?!), a broad face, aquiline nose and (normally) mirth dancing in his mouth and eyes. He’s not at all overweight, and looks like he’d be just the right shape to wrap your arms around and hug close — just before he ate you.

And Fáolán — Oh, you’ll have to wait to read about Fáolán. It’s not time, yet.

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“Droch Fola” Sneak Peek – Page Seven

Here’s a look at page seven of “Droch Fola”, my current work in progress.

I hope you enjoy reading it! I look forward to your feedback.

The games we’d played over the centuries: anything from games that lasted a half hour, to some that lasted more than fifty years. I wondered what had happened to the delicately carved ebony and alabaster chessboard he’d kept in his office. We’d started our latest marathon game about five years ago.

His sense of humor and his warm laugh. He’d had an arsenal of dirty jokes that only proved that some off-color humor had been around since at least the Renaissance.
The deep voice that could make me feel at home, or send shivers up my spine. He would have made a fantastic radio announcer, if he had not been so cautious about staying off human radar.
These were things I would never again experience or share with him, and it hurt me more than anything in my life ever had before. Excluding my maker, Andreas, with whom I had very little to do, Janos had been the longest acquaintance of my existence.

I came back to myself to find Nathaniel touching my shoulder gently. Opening my eyes, I saw an unconscious human on the ground in front of me. There was a large goose-egg on his head, but I saw no blood, so Nathaniel had been very careful while capturing this human. I could see that he’d already fed, which had been the smart thing to do. Who knew when we’d have the opportunity to feed again?


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Nathaniel-based Short Story Coming Soon!

Writing a Nathaniel-centered story.

It should be out within the next couple weeks,

I look forward to your feedback!

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Welcome to “The Sumaire Web”

Hello there. I’m Anna Rose, the author of “The Sumaire Web” series of vampire-related novels.

This series came about as a response to the glut of vampire romances out there. After seeing legions of self-hating vampires looking for salvation or the human who can save them from their “terrible curse”, I knew it was time to make some changes.

Thus, my Irish vampire, Siofra, was “born”.

She’s a vampire who loves what she is, and makes no apologies for it. Siofra kicks ass and (might) take names, if she’s in that kind of mood, but don’t make book on it.

The first novel in the series, “Siofra” was released in January 2012, with a subsequent short story, “Feasta Fola” being released the following month. The second novel in the series, “Fiach Fola”, was released in December 2012.

The third novel in the series, “Droch Fola”, is currently being written and is expected to be published in late Spring 2013.

All are available in ebook form on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com. The softcover versions of both novels are available on Amazon.com.

I look forward to hearing from you about the novels and stories of the series.

Anna Rose